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Instant Coffee Playoffs

We’re Not Coffee Snobs

Instant Coffee Playoff Round 1

Screaming Turtle Cruise Vs Robert Harris Il Roma

Up to this point in the podcast, most of our content is reviews of cafes that we like here in the Wellington region. But, as the tagline of the podcast says:

We’re your source for coffee and cafe related news and reviews

So for the next little while, we’re going to be interspersing our reviews of cafes with some reviews of coffee…instant coffee, that is.

Kristie and I really do like our coffee, but I wouldn’t say that we’re coffee aficionados either. Sure, we both like a good flat white or cafe latte when we’re out, but when we’re at home, we pretty much only drink brewed coffee. So, you can see that we’re not really coffee snobs.

That being said, both of us usually try to avoid instant coffee like we try to avoid botulism contaminated milk (Kiwi’s get this). I will occasionally have an instant coffee at work, when I’m too busy, or too cheap to get out of the office to buy a real coffee, but the only reason that I am drinking it, is to get a caffeine boost. My boss at work calls the instant coffee we have at work: “worse than floor sweepings!” …Hi praise indeed!

That being said, I do know that there are a lot of people out there who prefer instant coffee over fresh-ground coffee beans, or fancy-schmancy coffee; Kristie’s dad is a good example of this. Whenever they come over, we always have to buy a jar of Nescafe for him, while we drink real coffee!

But we had noticed that on the shelves of many of the supermarkets here, there is a broad selection of instant coffees! Not just in terms of brands, but also different flavours per brand. For instance, I think in one supermarket, I saw 5 different flavours of Robert Harris brand instant coffee alone! So, to make a long story short…Too Late! Kristie and I are going to be doing an Instant Coffee playoff.

Interspersed with our regular podcasts, we’re going to bring you a round of instant coffee playoff action! The first round, which will be coming up shortly, will be between Screaming Turtle Cruise Vs Robert Harris Il Roma.
With all of the instant coffee that is available here in NZ, these playoffs, could last longer than the NHL playoffs!

So stay tuned, and let us know your thoughts!


Average coffee consumption per day


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I found this interesting statistic on showing the average daily consumption of coffee in the US, and it got me thinking… on average, how much coffee would you say you drink on a given day?

I know that personally I drink about 2-3 cups a day, but what about everyone else?  Take a second and add your results to the poll.