Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery


In this episode, we interview the owner/proprietor of Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery. This is a very new cafe that has just opened on Webb Street, in Wellington. We interviewed Peter Thompson, a Dunedin native, who came to Wellington a couple years ago, specifically to build and open this new cafe.

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In the interview, Peter discusses the reasons for coming to Wellington, and talks about the long, but fruitful journey to open this wonderful cafe.

In addition to various coffee beverages made with People’s coffee, Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery offers a wide selection of cabinet, including all manner of sweet and savoury dishes, as well as breakfast/brunch items from you can order off the blackboard. All of the food is made in-house.

There is plenty of space in this well-lit cafe, both inside and out, with tables and chairs that were hand-made by craftsmen right here in the Wellington region.

Not only can you purchase food off the menu or from the cabinet, but as the name suggests, Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery offers sales of various preserves and pickles; again, all made in-house. And if you want to try before you buy, all meals purchased are served with their pickles, relishes and jams. Peter has even discussed the idea of holding special events where customers can come in and learn the craft of preserving foods for themselves. He also has future aspirations to expand its current weekday trading hours to include a special Sunday roast offering as well!

Have a listen to the episode (link above) and go check out the good food and drink at Preservatorium Cafe & Cannery!



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