Chocolate Frog Cafe


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This week we reviewed the Chocolate Frog Cafe. The Chocolate Frog has been around since 1999, and is a cafe built inside Palmer’s Garden Centre in Miramar. The cafe seats about 20-30 in the cafe itself, but it also has a patio which is built into the greenhouse of the garden centre. So in addition to having the shelter of a roof over your head, you also have the outdoor experience due to all the plants!

The Chocolate from is constantly busy, but the line-ups move quite quickly and there always seems to be a free table. We have been there quite a few times, and have never had an issue getting a table – though there is usually only one or two left. And we mostly get one when there is just the two of us.

Despite a constant wave of people moving in and out, the tables are always bused promptly, meaning that you will almost always get a free and clean table. The tables and chairs are all hand painted cafe style seating with kitschy art and amusing sayings, which adds to the ambiance of the cafe.

The counter where you order has a jam packed cabinet for food ready to go, such as cakes, pies, sandwiches, wraps, slices, etc. They also have a great selection from their menu. Leo ordered the Chocolate Frog Vege Breakfast which consists of: two free range eggs: Poached, scrambled or fried.
Cooked Spinach, Sauteed mushrooms, potato cake, tomato and toast.  You get all of this for $19.50, which is kind of expensive, but if you measure it to the amount of food and the price you’d pay in other cafes here in NZ, it is probably not too bad.

Kristie ordered the Little Mama breakfast, which is a free range scrambled egg with cheese, bacon and hollandaise sauce, served in a cup. Kristie describes the dish as a deconstructed Eggs Benedict. Her dish cost $10.00; not bad at all for Wellington!

Leo ordered his eggs sunny-side up, and when being served, one of them was served over easy, as the egg yoke had broken while cooking. The server pointed this out to me as I was being served and said that the chef was preparing another egg for me according to my order. I mentioned that it wasn’t necessary, and they told me that the chef had insisted on it. I think this shows as a great example of phenomenal customer service as well as uncompromising commitment to quality.

Leo has ordered this particular meal twice in the past, which goes to show that the quality of the dish is wonderful; it is a huge meal, and all of the different veggies compliment the entire dish extremely well. The contrast between the earthy taste of the spinach against the meaty texture of the sauteed mushrooms worked really well with the rest of the dish as a whole

Kristie described her dish as: very yum; very rich! The cup size was just right.

For this visit to The Chocolate Frog, we didn’t order any coffees as Kristie ordered a Chai Tea Latte, which she loved, and Leo ordered got a hot chocolate. We have gotten their coffee before, and it is solid. Nothing to write home about, but very good.


All ratings are on a 5 point scale
  • Cleanliness: 4 (but 5 in the greenhouse part)
  • Atmosphere: 5
  • Service: 5
  • Food Quality: 4
  • Price: 5
  • Overall Rating: 4.6



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